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SD-1 Super Overdrive
This SD-1 is in a whole different dimension of rarity. It's the "Zakk wylde" model, which was issued in a limited edition of five units by Ishibashi Music. He discovered this one by accident in a store, and bought it on spot.

DM-2 Delay
An acclaimed analog delay with distinctive warmth.
DATA : CONTROL* REPEAT RATE / INTENSITY / ECHO (Delay Time 20 msec-300 msec)
Sold from June 1981 to February 1984

OD -1 Over Drive
From the beginning, the OD-1 was a masterpiece. It grabbed the limelight as an essential piece of gear for adding fat, powerful gain to large stack amps. Boss's unique "asymmetrical overdrive circuit" creates distortion with a distinctive, crisp sound, and the richly-nuanced tone of an overdriven tube amp.

SP-1 Spectrum
Even more than the OD-1 –a legendary pedal from the early line-up-the SP-1 has attained cult status among BOSS enthusiasts. Simple put, the SP-1 is a single-band parametric equalizer with two knobs.

DSD-3 Digital Sampler/ Delay
An improved model with better cost performance
The DSD-3 has the high performance and quality of the DSD-2 at a much lower price. This was made possible by the rapid progress in digital technology taking place at the time. IN addition to DSD-2 circuitry, the DSD-3 has a phrase sampler-a revolutionary first for a guitar device.

CS-1 Compression Sustainer
By suppressing loud signals and boosting quiet ones, the CS-1 creates long-lasting, robust sustain. The effect is especially striking with guitars like the Strat, which have the characteristic rapid onset and decay of single coil pickups. When set to Treble, the mode switch gives sustain with high-end emphasis. It can also act as a limiter, smoothing out excessive peaks in choppy rhythm styles.

DC-2 Dimension C
This spatial device adds thickness and depth to make sound more 3-dimensional. The basic principle is similar to chorus circuits, the DC-2 keeps tremolo down to a comfortable minimum, and thereby achieves a more natural and spacious sound than ordinary chorus. The DC-2 has stereo out jacks and built-in noise reduction.

DS-1 Distorsion
In the BOSS pantheon of famous distortion pedals, the DS-1 ranks right alongside the OD-1. The DS-1 produces razor-sharp distortion and long-lasting sustain by electrically clipping the originally signal waveform and generation a new waveform rich with harmonics.

CE-2 Chorus
The CE-2 inherited the internal circuitry of the famous CE-1. It's an analog chorus employing a 1024 row BBD element in the delay circuit. Performance is improved with better noise-reduction circuitry, and the whole package is miniaturized to fit into a compact pedal.

PSM- 5 Power Supply & Master Switch
The PSM-5 can supply stable power to up to seven 9- volt effect, and can also act as a master switch for centralized on-off switching of multiple effects are on, and green when they're off. It comes with an AC adapter, and parallel DC cord for supplying power to 7 BOSS pedals.

NF-1 Noise Gate
The NF-1 debuted in the lineup fairly early. It was designed to eliminate the annoying noise and hum you hear while you're taking a break and there's no signal from the guitar. It eliminates not only residual noise from the instrument and hum noise picked up by wire shielding, but also noise from external sources such as lighting fixtures.

NS-2 Noise Suppressor
The NS-2 uses a proprietary method to differentiate between guitar sounds and noise components, so it can wipe out noise without losing the attack of the original signal. Effects that are prone to noise can be cleaned up by connection to the send/return jacks of the NS-2.

CS-2 Compression Sustainer
The main technical improvement was attack control, provided by a new real-time VCA(Voltage Controlled Amplifier).This VCA speeds up the signal processing involved in signal compression and expansion, and thereby controls problems like sound thinning, flutter, tone changes and loss of drive in quick, brief phrases. Optimal sustain is achieved when playing gently or with long notes, where attack tends to be weak.

TW-1 T Wah (Touch Wah)
Touch Wah automatically applies wah by detecting input signal dynamics, determined by guitar volume and the picking attack characteristics. When you pick with an aggressive attack the tone is radically altered, but a more delicate tone emerges when you play with a soft touch.

GE-6 Graphic Equalizer
Graphic equalizers not only correct sound-they can also improve it. The GE-6 provides segmented control over the six frequency bands that are the critical determinants of electric guitar tone, so you can dial in the exact killer tone you're looking for.

DD-3 Digital Delay
The best-selling DD-3 has been the industry standard for delay from its debut in 1986 to today. Delay time can be switched between three levels, and then further fine-tuned with the delay time knob anywhere in the range from 12.5 msec to msec.

BF-2 Flanger
A flanger creates a distinctive, high-impact undulating sound by mixing the original signal with its electronically delayed copy. It's almost as if the sound is being turned inside out.

CE-3 Chorus
This analog chorus is equipped with two modes designed to make the most of its stereo output. In Mode I, The original signal + pitch shift is output from output A, and the 180◦ phase inversion of that is output from output B. The result is spacey effect that seems like you're using two chorus effects.

VB-2 Vibrato
The VB-2 creates vibrato effects for electronic instruments. The vibrato width and speed can be freely adjusted, so you can get a feel similar to guitar hand vibrato, or vibrato that's much deeper and faster. The VB-2 has a full range of pedal modes, including Unlatch, where the effect is applied only while the pedal is depressed.

CS-3 Compression Sustainer
Designed to minimize noise, the latest CS series pedal provides even clearer degradation-free sound. The original ad for CS-3 made it into a joke: "Some of our new products don't like to stand out." But the fact is: sound quality and function were drastically improved, in everything from limiter-style applications for power chords to long clean sustain.

OD-2R TURBO Over Drive
The OD-2R goes another step beyond the OD-2. When Turbo is off, you get an over drive sound with more compression than the SD-1 (compression is the tone characteristic of tube amps like the Marshall). When Turbo is on, you get the heavy gain of the OD-2, with the added bonus of a Remote terminal for on/off control of Turbo using an external footswitch (the FS-5L, sold separately).

SG-1 Slow Gear
This effect automatically adjusts volume. The SG-1 creates an effect like a violin performance where a sounded note gradually attacks. In addition to this soft volume variation, the SG -1 can also keep up with rapid passages that can't be handled by hand, particularly with guitars such as the Les Paul where the volume knob is far away from the strings, or by using a pedal.

DS-1 Distrotion
"To celebrate 6,000,000 units"
This super-special-version DS-1 has a gorgeous visual impact, with a dazzling gold finish. This commemorative model celebrates the achievement of six million BOSS compact effects shipped worldwide, and was produced in a special limited edition in February 1998. Among ordinary users, there's probably no more who has actually seen the real article.

LM-2 Limiter
The LM-2 compresses only the signal peak without charging the original sound, and is designed to prevent distortion caused by signals that are too hot. It also acts to balance out irregularities in the sound due to the height of the pickup pole piece, string height and string thickness, and is especially good for choppy rhythm work.

HM-2 Heavy Metal
The HM-2 is not just a badass distortion pedal. It achieves fat distortion white maintaining the nuances and core personality of the original sound. When this pedal first debuted, there must've been a lot of guitar punks who got excited when they read the ad that said, "The third generation of distortion starts with the HM-2."

PH-2 SUPER Phaser
Up to 12 levels of phase shift for incredibly smooth rotary effectsThe PH-2 achieves incredibly smooth, professional ssound undulation (phase shifting) using a circuit with up to 12 levels of phase shift. Three knobs enable adjustment of the phase sound. Two modes cand be selected: Mode I for a refreshing phase effect ideal for West Coast rock, and Mode II for funky deep phasing.

DC-3 Digital Space-D (Digital Dimension)
Clear tremolo and natural ambience By applying two-phase modulation in stereo, this fully digital, hybrid chorus effect achieves a stunningly spacious sound, and a clear tremolo with less of the modulation feel of ordinary chorus.

DM-3 Delay
This analog delay can be continuously adjusted from 20msec to 30msec. The uniquely shaped knobs were influenced by the rack effects that were going mainstream at the time. The DM-3 employs rapid response noise reduction and precision filter circuit to suppress the noise and distortion that are the Achilles heel of analog, and thus achieve clear, high-quality output.

OC-2 Octave (Octaver)
The definitive octave pedal, with stable rapid response The OC-2 provides independent volume control for mixing three separate tones, the direct input, one octave above, and octave below. Response to peaking is smooth. Long a favorite of working musicians, the OC-2 is a fixture of many professional racks.

SD-1 Super OverDrive
A distortion pedal standard, with plenty of flexibility
The SD-1 distorts while maintaining the harmonics of the original input signal,So you get quality BOSS overdrive that doesn't mask the intrinsic character of your guitar. Almost 20 years of consistent sales testify to highly perfected design of the SD-1.

PH-1R Phaser
The PH1R adds a Resonance knob to the preceding PH-1. This knob provides a unique tonal charcter by adjusting the degree of feedback. (Incidentally, the R in the model number stands for "Resonance.") This allows not only more emphatic phase effects, but also harsh wah-like tonal changes, so the PH-1R is far more expressive than the previous model.

FT-2 Dynamic Filter
The FT-2 is an Auto Wah pedal that fits into Boss line of Auto Wah's between the TW-1 and the AW-2. The cutoff frequency knob sets the central frequency and gives the FT-2 more active control that goes a step beyond other Auto Wah's.

DD-2 Digital Delay
TThis revolutionary pedal brought BOSS recognition and respect from around the world. With delay time adjustable over a wide range of 12.5 msec to 800 msec, the DD-2 far exceeded anything that analog delay could offer.

DF-2 SUPER Feedbacker & Distortion
The DF-2 has a hard distortion circuit for getting large amp-style power distortion, even when using a small amp. Also notable is a unique function for generating simulated feedback when the pedal is pressed.

HF-2 Hi Band Flanger
The HF-2 is combining the original signal with a delayed signal that is shifted one octave up to create a flanging effect a bit different but still similar to the BF-2. The effect is brighter and cleaner than the BF-2.

DSD-2 Digital Sampler/Delay
This multifunctional pedal combines a high-quality digital delay with a digital sampler. Delay time is 50 msec to 800 msec. With a maximum sampling time of 0.8 sec, the 2-mode sampler digitally records voice, musical instruments or virtually any other type of sound for use in musical compositions.

DSD-2 Digital Sampler/Delay
This multifunctional pedal combines a high-quality digital delay with a digital sampler. Delay time is 50 msec to 800 msec. With a maximum sampling time of 0.8 sec, the 2-mode sampler digitally records voice, musical instruments or virtually any other type of sound for use in musical compositions.

PH-1 Phaser
The PH-1 debuted together with the OD-1 (yellow)and SP-1 (Red) in the first BOSS product line. At BOSS, the staff playfully called this the "Traffic Light Series." Electronically, the PH-1 adds a sense of speed and surge by varying the phase of the original signal with a phase-shifting circuit.

MZ-2 Digital Metalizer
Prior to the MZ-2, analog was the standard for distortion units. But the MZ-2 introduced digital circuitry to achieve a versatile distortion effect in a compact pedal.

Tube Screamer Overdrive Pro TS-808
TS808. the original tube screamer. It's back --- the incomparable overdrive pedal that's been described as "the Holy Grail of Tube screamers." Our 2004 TS808 reissue features the same famous standout square footswitch of the original and the even more famous warm tones of the JRC4558 chip used in most of the original TS808's.

PT9 Phaser
A phaser uses phase shift networks to create "notches" and "peaks" in the signal response. When the amount of phase shift is charged the notches and peaks move or "sweep". The PT Phaser uses eight phase shift networks that provide rich, deep phasing for guitar, keyboard or bass.

Pro Co The Rat
The main difference between this model and the earlier version is the switch from a Tone to the Filter control. The Filter cuts high frequencies as it is turned clockwise. The RAT logo was also switched from an all caps logo to one that was more stylized, while the "a" and "t" were now lower case.

Electro Harmonix - Small Stone USA Version 1
The origin of the Small Stone dates back to 1974, when Electro Harmonix president Mike Matthews hired former EMS engineer David Cockerell, whos first design for EH was the Small Stone phaser. The design was based on Davids previous work on the EMS Synthi Hi-Fli from 1971 - it is a rather unique design in that it uses Operational Transconductance Amplifiers (OTA) instead of operational amplifiers with variable resistors.

Holy Grail reverb
Divine reverb for mere mortals. Down from the heavens comes the Holy Grail, a compact digital reverb guitar pedal that is priced so low thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's reverb tank any longer. The Holy Grail will make you a believer with its emulation of classic Spring reverb so faithful that even Dick Dale couldn't tell the difference.

MXR Six band graphic equalizer
The six bands in this graphic equalizer, 100Hz to 3.2kHz, cover the frequencies inhabited by guitars and basses and each offers a powerful 18dB of cut and boost. The M-109 is very quiet in operation and the positive feel of the sliders means that your chosen frequency curve will keep its shape.

MXR Distortion
In the middle ranges of the Output and Distortion controls, you'll find soft-clipped distortion tones that sound truly retro-authentic, especially when they're mixed with a splash of Reverb. Pushing Distortion up higher produces classic fuzz tones that are finding their way onto an increasing number of albums.

Dunlop has truly captured the classic Tremolo effect found in vintage amps, while upgrading the reliability with modern circuitry. The TS-1 offers both stereo and mono Tremolo effects.

The AB-200 switch box allows switching from one input to two outputs to one output. Unique design allows both A&B to operate independently or together.

The ABY footswitch can be used to solve any number of complex audio switching problems. Use it to switch one input signal to either or both outputs, or it can also be used in the opposite direction. Route one signal to two outputs or two inputs to one output. Then choose A, B or A & B combined. LED's show you which signal is active.

Hand Clapper HC-2
EC-, produces handclaps when pad is hit, sensitivity, dry and hall controls, built in reverb, 1/4" output, 1/4" external input, built in Japan, includes Boss PSA120T adapter (9.6V DC @ 200ma), gives you the CLAP (SN:380100)

Hot Cake
The Hotcake is designed to leave the undistorted component of the guitar sound unchanged, while providing a nice fat distortion sound without resorting to a treble cut circuit which will also affect the guitar tonality. With the Drive and Presence controls set to minimum, and the Level at around 2 o'clock, you should be hard pressed to hear any change in the sound at all when you switch the Hotcake in and out.

Here's a really wonderful OD. Kind of transparent as it retains the tone of your amp and guitar but adds fattness, bite and drive. Recommended for humbucking guitars, like a Les Paul or ES-335.

Percussion Synthesizer PC-2
The PC-2 is a percussion synthesizer featuring six controls allowing synth-drum, triangle and other sound effects. It's possible to control the unit by the external input trigger.

BF-1 Flanger
This single-function flanger was a first not only for BOSS, but for Japan. At the time it was developed, there was almost no one in Japan who even knew what a flanger was. According to Mr.Kubo, current head of quality control at Roland and member of the BF-1 development team, "We just knew it was called a "flanger."

MA-1 Mascot Amplifier
This conveniently sized mascot amp can fit into your pocket (it's slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes, and has a belt clip on the back side). It's equipped with two input terminals (GUITAR and LINE IN) and volume control for each. You can also enjoy playing along with a tape audio source.

FA-1 FET Amplifier
This is a compact pre-amp in the BOSS Pocket Series. It can handle a variety of applications as a gain booster, pre-EQ, and unit for preventing acoustic guitar howling (it's also equipped with a low-cut switch).

Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive
King of Clean Boost! A modern classic. I use mine for cleanish boost with gain set low. Makes a BF Fender sweat!Also, a VERY good buffer. With all these true by-bass pedals everyone needs a good buffer.

Digitech Two Second Digital Delay PDS 1002
This is an awesome vintage delay/looper from the late 80's. Right pedal is for delay and left pedal is for infinite repeat delay (sample). A switch selects delay mode: 125 msec., 500 msec., and 2 sec; knobs control delay time, regeneration, mix, input level, and output level.

Boss TU-12 Chromatic Tuner
The TU-12 is the tuner that established BOSS quality, reliability and durability as the industry standard.

Boss TU-12H High Range Chromatic Tuner
The TU-12H has a wide tuning range, making it perfect for tuning a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, woodwind, brass and ethnic instruments.

DT-10RW Custom Rosewood Guitar Pedal Tuner
Made to match the most luxurious environments and guitars, this custom stomp box-style floor tuner is made with a gorgeous rosewood burl wood faceplate in a gold-anodized, machined-aluminum housing.

Xotic Effects AC Booster Preamp Guitar Pedal
The Xotic Effects AC Booster creates a warm and pleasant sound by using the finest quality parts available. The super wide range gain control can change the gain amount so wide that this pedal can work as a distortion pedal when it is turned all the way up.

The BB Precomp offers a wide variety of sound. It's capable of 30dB+ clean boost with adjustable ±15dB two band active EQ's which adds a wide range of harmonic content for your ideal sound.

This Electro-Harmonix USA Small Stone Phase Shifter Pedal produces super warm and rich phasing tones. That's why this stomp box is a classic around the world. Includes 9V battery.

SD-1 SUPER Over Drive
The SD-1 distorts while maintaining the harmonics of the original input signal, so you get quality BOSS over drive that doesn't mask the intrinsic character of your guitar. Almost 20 years of consistent sales testify to the highly perfected design of the SD-1.

Cry Baby
A true rock classic every guitar player should have! If you play the real thing - the Dunlop Original Crybaby - you get the real sound. The heavy die-cast steel construction of this stomp box can take all the stompin' you've got in you. Totally smooth, silent, consistent, and easy to control.

Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah Pedal CGB95
The original! The Crybaby wah-wah has been used to create some of the most original and distinctive sounds in all of rock and roll. Found on the pedalboards of everyone from Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton to Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Original vintage effect Ultraheavy-duty durability Smooth operation and easy control Made in the USA

Dunlop DB-01 Dimebag Crybaby From Hell
The Dunlop DB-01 Dime Crybaby From Hell is a hot-rodded wah with an extended sweep so you can get more high end with the pedal down or low end with the pedal up. A 5-way selector on the side lets you choose which frequency you want to play with and also features a kick-in boost.

This is no one-trick stomp box. With three modes, four stages of all-tube preamp circuitry and dedicated outputs for host amps, power amps and recording consoles, this fortress of a pedal is a fully evolved footswitching preamp.

Line 6 DL4 Delay Guitar Effects Pedal - Scratch 'n' Dent
The Line 6 DL4 Delay Stompbox Modeler is the first stompbox to give you digitally modeled effects. Includes 16 vintage delay and echo effects including Tube Echoplex, Space Echo, Deluxe Memory Man, Analog Delay, Reverse, and many more.
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