About us
About us

Sol &Fa was established in 2002, my friend, Mr. Howard Jamesat that time, gave notice that I have kept my amp collections very well . He also remarked that i had a unique talent in fixing old and damaged amps. He then suggested that he would bring the amp back to Hawaii in order to search some interest in the business.  Since then, I have built over 11 amps sold both in Thailand and US.  Due to my busy schedule as a sound engineer, I haven't had any chance to build more amps.

Before starting  Sol&Fa ,as a hobby, I 'vehelped my friend who is a music store owner to  fix  and modify broken  musical instruments for their customers.  Because it was hard to find a good one with skills and experience.

Work Experience
My over 20 years experience in sound engineer scope could be summarized as follow:

Live Sound Engineer
Studio Sound Engineer
Sound Consultant

I worked both freelance and permanent sound engineer  which  some of projects are below:

Live Sound Engineer

  • Ricky Martin in Thailand (1st visit)
  • Vanessa Mae
  • Keiko Lee (Japanese artist)
  • Maria Montell( Denmark artist)
  • Tommy Emmanuel  ( Australian artist)
  • King Bhumiphol Birthday Celebration in 2010 at King Rama IV Monument
  • Chief Sound Engineer for  international Jazz Festival in Amporn Garden ( including show of the 1stTokyo Ska Paradise visit  )
  • Live Orchestra at Princess Srinakarindra( KingBhumiphol’s sister ) ‘s Funeral Ceremony at Sanamluang
  • T-Bone ( Thailand’s no.1 Ska Band )  in Japan

Studio Sound Engineer

  • Tommy Emmanuel
  • Maria Montell
  • NakarinKingsak 1st album with Sony Music
  • Ie /PaneeVeeranukul 1st album with Sony Music

,,,and more

  • Recording music video soundtrack for NakarinKingsak
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