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iZotope's ANR-B intelligently detects and suppresses the invasive noise that plagues your recordings and broadcasts. By analyzing and identifying steady-state noise sources that interfere with the quality of your sound, ANR-B combats the noise while boosting the intelligibility of the desired audio signal.

Easy does it

What makes this advanced technology even more advanced? Simplicity of use.

No need for constant monitoring and adjustments from an experienced operator—insert ANR-B in the signal chain and let iZotope's noise reduction algorithm handle the rest, in real time.

  • Dealing with changeable, varying noise? No problem. ANR-B adapts on the fly.
  • Want more control? You've got it. Calibrate your noise suppression withjust a turn of a knob.

Key features

  • Remove noise from audio in real time in one of two modes:
    • Adapt mode: adapts to the incoming audio signal for completely automatic operation
    • Manual mode: lets you capture a noise profile and save presets for specific environments
  • Dual mono/stereo operation: two channels can work independently or as a stereo pair
  • Residual noise switch: lets you quickly preview the noise being removed
  • Simple one-knob control: lets you tailor the amount of noise suppression on each channel
  • Essential metering: lets you visualize input, output, and noise suppression amounts

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